Great new garage rock album from an up-and-coming CA band

This album here is the debut work of Hurry Up Shotgun, a group from California. Some consider the work to be garage rock, but it’s pretty darn structured for that!

This album is pretty good! At first I was a bit skeptical because of the terms “garage rock.” Every time I hear “garage rock” I think about a couple bros who can’t play their instruments trying to make epic music. Not so with HUS. They can play their instruments (quite well) and do make epic music.

Instrumentally, the album is pretty good. For only being a trio, the group puts out music that you’d expect from a five-man group or more. Intelligible instruments, creative guitar parts, and well-structured drum patterns. You won’t be disappointed instrumentally with this album. Here’s my favorite from the work:

Hurry Up Shotgun - Cicada Wail

The vocals on the album match every bit the intensity of the music. I would describe them as tasteful and in-tune yells that cut through the sometimes beautifully chaotic instrumentals to force a point home. You also shan’t be disappointed with the lyrics. Nothing about a lost girlfriend here! Instead you’ll find meaningful lyrics about society and problems today. So refreshing!

Overall, the album is great. Totally worth buying, and can be bought at Hurry Up Shotgun’s MySpace. HUS has a lot of potential, so keep an eye on them as they write new stuff, and definitely go to their shows!

My Rating: 7.9/10