Album Cover
Hold The Angle
Hurry Up Shotgun
Released: Jun 13, 2009
Track Listing
1 Cicada Wail
2 Somebody Called
3 Ship Up For Sail
4 Car Bomb
5 See You Hang
6 Arabic Larry of Arabia
7 Kraken
8 Truth of a Name

Liner Notes

Recorded by Tim Green, Louder Studios, 2009

Mastered by Mike Wells, 2009

Photos: Shannon Corr


Victory and Associates and Hurry Up Shotgun at The Hemlock
The Hemlock in San Francisco has been host to some of the best shows this photographer has ever seen. Victory and Associates and Hurry Up Shotgun kept true to this fact. [Read More...]
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Great new garage rock album from an up-and-coming CA band
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REVIEW: Hurry Up Shotgun - Hold the Angle
Built on a Weak Spot
Hurry Up Shotgun conjure up a sound that is reminiscent to that of Hot Snakes during their fairly solid run as a band. Plenty of bounce and liveliness here to be found while not confining themselves squarely to one influence or idea as evidenced by the opening track. [Read More...]
Review: Hurry Up Shotgun @ the Hemlock Tavern
Seriously, though, if you missed out, "Hold the Angle" is worth a buy. Judging by the newer song they played, their next album will be too. [Read More...]
Off The Record: Hurry Up Shotgun, Saturday @ Hemlock.$7. 9 p.m.
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